Setting Up Your listings

Use this link for a document with help on logging on and resetting a password: pbclistingandloginsteps

Here is what You will be Asked For:

Title – This is Your Business Name

Category – Select from the drop down list , if you do not see one for your business specifically pick on and then let Julie know your category needs added

Tagline – Your Business Tagline

Short Description – Just a couple sentences, this is for searching, but is not what displays

Main Description – This is where you want to include:

  • Contact Information – Address, Phone, Email
  • Information about the products and/or services your company provides

Tags/Keywords – All the keywords that relate to your business (remember a keyword may also be a phrase)

Contact Email – Your email address – Make sure that you did include this in the main description as well

Website Address – Include this as it will link to your website

Map Location – Include Your address if you would like it to be mapped

Upload Documents – You can add the pictures you want which should include:

  • Profile Picture
  • Business Logo File
  • Additional photos of products or examples of work

Use the Select File button to browse your computer for the files.  If you have pictures on your website that you want used, contact  to help bring those in for you.

Press Continue and Review the Listing Confirmation then Press Continue Again and your listing has been created.











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