Dr. Nicholas Warner, CMT, DC (Wellness in Motion)

I combine Trigger Point Massage and Chiropractic Mobilization to achieve long lasting results.

Dr. Nicholas Warner, CMT, DC (Wellness in Motion)

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Dr. Nicholas Warner, CMT, DC

602.863.4252   info@wellness-in-motion.com

14001 N 7th St Bldg E-109 Phoenix, AZ 85022

Hours: Monday: 9am-5pm     Wednesday: 9am-5pm    Friday: 9am-5pm

My name is Dr. Nicholas Warner. I have been melting knots since 1990 and adjusting spines sine 1996. I utilize a soft tissue technique called Trigger Point Therapy prior to adjusting. Then I give my patients simple stretch and strength exercises to do at home. It is very effective. My patients need fewer visits, while making fast progress.

I succeed with my patients because I take the time and personally do all the work on my patients. It is an art finding the knots in your muscles and working them out. Is is an art getting your spine or shoulder to move freely without discomfort. Yes, I am a doctor but I am also an artisan. My work is my art.

I would like the opportunity to help you.

Thank You,

Dr. Warner