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Carl F Petersen Inc

Carl F Petersen Inc

1975 S. Blooming Hills Dr #207
Prescott, Arizona 86301
800-646-1237 or 602-427-5631 (cell)

Annette Petersen – Investment Advisor

Carl F. and Annette Petersen have worked together for 20+ years. Annette helps people create a road map so that they may get from where they are now to financial freedom. She uses her people skills to make the whole process easy and enjoyable for their clients. Carl F. uses his banking and investing experience to construct clients’ portfolios. They use Schwab Institutional as their Custodian of accounts.

We specialize in:

  • Small business pension plans
  • IRA and IRA rollovers
  • Unique in-house investment strategies designed to profit in up markets and protect your portfolio in down markets
  • Investment Analysis: This is your roadmap to financial freedom.

If you would like a complementary 2nd opinion on your current portfolio to see how it could be positioned to the current market environment, please contact us.



Business Fax: 602-978-1182
Business Contact Name: Annette Petersen